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amy w

“…The pain was always a 9-10, 24/7… I really didn’t have a life… During the 5 months, I saw a variety of doctors…Today, I don’t take any pain medicine! And, I’ve also been able to stop taking high blood pressure medicine and my diabetes medication! I feel like I have been given my life back!”

~ Amy W

Success Stories

sally k

“I have suffered from thyroid problems since I was 8 years old and have been taking medication for it since then. I have also suffered from high cholesterol since I was 18, headaches since I was 30, and ear pain since I was 52 years old. Taking medication is not normal, and I wanted to find a way to improve my health naturally.

Since becoming a patient of Dr. O’s, my thyroid is now in the middle to normal range. I feel so much better! I wish that I had sought care from Dr. O sooner.

I recommend that anyone suffering from the same issues that I was, or even different ones, seek treatment from Dr. O. It’s not normal to take medication to solve health issues. There are more natural ways to help your body heal.”

~ Sally K.